Record pay growth for hospitality workers

Wages grew strongly in the September quarter, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, with the accommodation and food services recording the strongest quarterly result in the history of the series.


* Mining ‚Äď grew 0.8 per cent

* Manufacturing ‚Äď grew 1.6 per cent

* Electricity, gas, water and waste services ‚Äď grew 1.2 per cent

* Construction ‚Äď grew 1.4 per cent

* Wholesale trade ‚Äď grew 1.2 per cent

* Retail trade ‚Äď grew 2.9 per cent

* Accommodation and food services ‚Äď grew 3.2 per cent

* Transport, postal and warehousing ‚Äď grew 1.7 per cent

* Information media and telecommunication ‚Äď grew 1.5 per cent

* Financial and insurance services ‚Äď grew one per cent

* Rental, hiring and real estate services ‚Äď grew two per cent

* Professional, scientific and technical services ‚Äď grew 1.5 per cent

* Administrative and support services ‚Äď grew 2.4 per cent

* Public administration and safety ‚Äď grew 1.5 per cent

* Education and training ‚Äď grew 1.1 per cent

* Health care and social assistance ‚Äď grew 3.1 per cent

* Arts and recreation services ‚Äď 1.6 per cent

* Other services ‚Äď grew 1.5 per cent


Poppy Johnston
(Australian Associated Press)


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