Australia looks to plug EU energy gap with renewables

Australia is being proposed as a solution to Europeā€™s energy woes with the energy minister pushing for closer ties.

Delivering a speech in Brussels, Energy Minister Chris Bowen said Australia will be a renewables superpower and could step in to plug energy gaps.

ā€œEurope has huge energy demands to drive its world class manufacturing. Australia can and will be a renewable energy powerhouse,ā€ Mr Bowen said.

ā€œAustralia is and will remain an energy exporter. Increasingly, that energy will be renewable.

ā€œAnd we would like Europe to be a key recipient.ā€

Mr Bowen said the two also need to take consistent approaches in regulation and standards for green hydrogen and other renewable energies.

The energy minister said a trade agreement will also be a key moment in progressing the relationship.

ā€œAustralia is renewable energy rich but we require significant investment to develop our green energy endowments,ā€ he said.

ā€œEuropean investment in Australian renewables is very welcome.ā€


Dominic Giannini
(Australian Associated Press)


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